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CyberSecurity Breakthrough Awards Names DTEX “UBA Platform of the Year“

We are honored to announce that DTEX InTERCEPT™ has again been named User Behavior Analytics (UBA) Platform of the Year in the CyberSecurity Breakthrough Awards.

For today’s digital and distributed enterprises, successful and effective insider risk management (IRM) requires visibility into insiders’ behavior patterns to help organizations anticipate and mitigate future risks without compromising privacy.

DTEX InTERCEPT™ offers an innovative approach to data collection and analysis that centers around human activity and intent, providing organizations with the context needed to identify, escalate and remediate insider risks before data exfiltration occurs. InTERCEPT™ is helping hundreds of organizations worldwide better understand their workforce, protect their data, and make human-centric operational investments by bringing together the capabilities of next-generation behavioral DLP, UEBA, digital forensics, user activity monitoring and insider risk management in one scalable, cloud-first platform. Most importantly, DTEX achieves this with privacy at the center of the solution; InTERCEPT leverages DTEX’s patented pseudonymization technology and unique data minimization techniques to ensure employee privacy is maintained.

This recognition is a testament to DTEX’s ongoing commitment to helping enterprises proactively mitigate insider risks by establishing a trusted workforce. Over the last 12 months, DTEX has remained hyper-focused on meeting the growing demand for enhanced IRM capabilities, adding some of the world’s leading financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, natural resources, and technology companies to its fast-growing client roster. These efforts also included the official launch of DTEX’s Global Partner Program to expand global access to human-centric insider threat intelligence and security solutions.

This news follows the release of DTEX’s groundbreaking 2023 Cost of Insider Risks Global Report, independently conducted by Ponemon Institute, which revealed the total average annual cost of insider risk has grown to $16.2M, a 40% increase over just four years.

We are excited to continue building on this momentum as we look ahead to 2024. Contact us to learn more about establishing a human-centric insider risk program.

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