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A Human-centric Approach to Operational Awareness and Risk Management.

No One Wins Alone – DTEX I3 Responds to Growing Need for Insider Risk Services

On Wednesday, October 27th my colleagues and I here at DTEX Systems did a thing…we answered the market’s ‘bat signal’ and expanded our team to help public and private organizations take the guess work out of internal risk assessment, digital forensic evidence collection, and workforce vulnerability awareness. We unveiled DTEX I3.

DTEX Insider Intelligence & Investigations (DTEX I3) brings together an expanded team of experienced behavioral researchers, consultants, and an elite team of insider threat investigators to create intelligence-driven, investigation-ready capabilities. The team publishes counter-insider threat research focused on human behaviors to help business leaders, security practitioners, and regulatory bodies better understand, design, deploy, and manage workforce cyber intelligence and security initiatives.

Why are we doing this? Why now? Because the workforce is the new firewall. Humans are the missing link to cyber resilience, not the weakest. According to the 2021 Verizon Data Breach and Incident Response Report, 84% of breaches involved human interaction. Yet, only 23% of insider threats are caused by malicious users. The other 77% of insider threat incidents were due to negligence or compromise by an external actor stealing credentials.

Our most recent research with Ponemon Institute found that nearly half of companies find it impossible or very difficult to prevent an insider attack at the earliest stages of the Insider Threat Kill Chain. This means less than 50% of organizations who suffered an insider attack had the visibility to see it building, much less the ability to recognize the indicators. DTEX I3 is on a mission to change that by bringing unparalleled experience to not only the largest organizations, but every organization who needs it. We will achieve this by investigating the human behaviors and Indicators of Intent that are notoriously the root causes of insider incidents.

For example, as workforce behavior deviates from the norm, DTEX I3 works side-by-side with the customer to respond to the DTEX Workforce Cyber Security InTERCEPT Platform’s automated reports and findings, identify internal risks, evaluate their severity, and ultimately mitigate the emerging risk.

As part of our expanded portfolio of services, the DTEX I3 team will offer a comprehensive set of services, including threat investigations and assessments, trends reporting, insider program posture analysis, and more.

The extended team is experienced at augmenting new, emerging and established Insider Risk and Data Loss programs with areas of impact and services including:

  • Managed Insider Risk Management (IRM)–Managed IRM from DTEX I3 is a subscription-based consultancy offering that provides mid-size enterprise and SLED organizations with Insider Risk Detection and Mitigation support utilizing the DTEX InTERCEPT Workforce Cyber Security Platform. DTEX team members perform continuous insider risk, data loss vector and user compromise monitoring and protection.
  • Insider Incident Investigations–In the case of an identified insider event, DTEX I3 performs evidentiary-quality forensic investigations. This offers full details of insider activity and intent to determine severity and provides customers with the cyber evidence required by law enforcement to exonerate or prosecute individuals in question, as well as inform user education programs.
  • Workforce Risk Benchmarks–Internal risk audits offer customers a comprehensive review, providing data-driven evidence of their insider risk posture, data loss vectors, overall risk posture, and level of flexibility given to the workforce. This includes actionable recommendations designed to help organizations balance risk with business requirements.
  • Emerging Risks Insights–Leveraging a range of novel and proprietary techniques and tools, this in-depth review helps customers identify new risks and business insights that have not otherwise been surfaced. Risk Insights focus on behavioral profiles which evolve over time and those that may be specific from organization to organization.
  • Insider Risk Assessment–Designed for organizations who are not customers of DTEX, this service is a commitment-free 30-day comprehensive review that identifies and analyzes an organization’s insider risk posture and data loss vectors across common user activity and behavioral categories. It includes actionable recommendations in preparation for regulatory audits and as due diligence for forthcoming M&A activities.

The only way to effectively combat human threats is with human intelligence. Machine and data-centric cybersecurity solutions are not enough and no one should be expected to stop insider risks and prevent data loss in this new era of the virtual workforce alone.

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