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Why Bring Your Own Applications is the new Shadow IT

Bring Your Own Applications Shadow IT Insider Risk Management

It is increasingly simple and common for employees to download and use cloud-based applications for work-related purposes, known as Bring Your Own Applications (BYOA). These may include apps for cloud storage and sharing, collaboration, chat, research, and other functions. While many may be legitimate, they also represent a new source of shadow IT, an attack surface unknown to IT and security.

Organizations need to understand not only which unsanctioned apps are in use, but also “why” they are used and what they can learn from the apps. For example, top performers are often early adopters of new technology, and will invariably seek the applications that provide them with the most value, whether they have been approved by their organization or not. This type of innovation can benefit organizations—if—they understand the benefits.

Workforce Cyber Intelligence enables organizations to analyze application usage and device data to discover unsanctioned applications so they can take the appropriate action. If a new application shows up in an organization, it may be because existing applications do not meet employees’ needs. If high performing teams are using the applications, you might consider formalizing and expanding their use. If the applications do not meet your security or appropriate use policies, you can stop their use.

DTEX PULSE is our Workforce Cyber Intelligence platform that provides organizations with measurements of employee engagement, including the tools and software they use, when they use them, how often, and the “intensity” of their use over time. DTEX PULSE is platform agnostic when analyzing BYOA. In addition to Windows and macOS Workstations, PULSE forwarders extend full monitoring support for Windows Servers, Linux Servers, and Virtual Environments such as Citrix and VDI.

In previous posts we have discussed two additional PULSE use cases: remote workforce analytics and asset and software utilization. Download the full e-book on DTEX PULSE for more information and please reach out to us for a demo!