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Why I Joined DTEX: Meeting the Demand for Workforce Cyber Intelligence & Security Solutions

Demand for workforce cyber intelligence and security partner program DTEX

The news is officially out: I am thrilled to join DTEX as its new Vice President of Worldwide Channel and Alliances. After more than 20 years in the cyber security industry, spanning all aspects of channel sales partnerships, I’m excited to work alongside DTEX’s strategic alliance partners to expand our global partner program amidst a growing customer demand for Workforce Cyber Intelligence and Security solutions.

When the COVID-19 pandemic first impacted businesses worldwide, users that historically remained on the corporate network, behind firewalls and other security protections, were suddenly working from under-secured home offices. Security teams lost the traditional level of visibility they were accustomed to when employees were working in the office.

The DTEX opportunity is unique because of our ability to help customers solve the complex insider threat problems we’re seeing in the Work-From-Anywhere era—providing behavioral insights through a privacy-first solution. As a result, we are flipping the narrative on insider threat and employee monitoring.

With decades of experience, I am aware of how important it is the engage with and understand the needs of all partners within the channel ecosystem, including traditional resellers, technology alliance partners, system integrators and managed security service providers (MSSP). DTEX’s human-centric workforce cyber intelligence and security solutions deliver a truly unique set of capabilities. Expanding our partner ecosystem will help us to meet the demand for cybersecurity solutions built around people. My goal is to connect with as many partners as possible and expand our channel program to increase participation rates to 100%.

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