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Workforce Cyber Intelligence and Security News Digest—Products, Partners, and More 2022

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Who can believe we have less than three months until the end of 2022? The momentum behind DTEX continues at an exceptional pace, so we would like to bring you up-to-speed on what we’ve been working on over the past couple of months.

We launched PULSE Workforce Cyber Intelligence, the first-of-its-kind workforce engagement and intelligence solution. Designed with privacy as a first priority, it will support digital transformation initiatives and related human capital management programs by enabling IT, HR, and Finance teams to learn from employee engagement with organizational assets and identify opportunities for improved work-life balance and operational efficiency.

DTEX was recognized as the stand-alone outperforming leader in the 2022 GigaOm Radar Report for data loss prevention. GigaOm highlighted our distinctive approach to solving the challenges that drive large and distributed organizations to adopt DLP solutions.

A Renewed Focus on Partnerships
We strengthened our partner program with the addition of Brian Stoner, our new vice president of Worldwide Channel and Alliances.

We announced a partnership with GuidePoint to help our customers gain real-time contextual behavioral intelligence needed to answer the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How related to any potential insider threat situation, compromised account event, or data loss scenario without invading an employee’s personal privacy.

We partnered with MITRE to help the U.S.’s allies cultivate programs to deter, detect, and mitigate insider risks before they become threats—and protect critical infrastructure across industries, including finance, healthcare, and others.

On the awards front, we were named a finalist for the InnovationAus Awards 2022 and won UEBA Platform of the Year in the CyberSecurity Breakthrough Awards.

In August, we were one of the founding companies that launched the Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework, or OCSF, at the Black Hat USA cybersecurity conference in Las Vegas. That launched a spate of media coverage, and you can find selected bits below:

Selected Coverage
Network Computing, How OCSF aims to simplify network security monitoring, August 30
AIthority, Cybersecurity and technology industry leaders launch open-source project to help organizations detect and stop cyberattacks faster and more effectively, August 11
CRN Australia, Tech giants, security vendors team up for open-source data sharing, August 11
TechRadar, Some of the world’s biggest tech firms are teaming up to track cyberattacks better, August 11
Forbes, Coalition Of cybersecurity leaders launch Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework (OCSF), August 10
Wall Street Journal, Tech, cyber companies launch security standard to monitor hacking attempts, August 10
TechCrunch, Group of security companies launches open source project to ease data sharing, August 10
MSSP Alert, New cyberthreat emerges from inside, research report finds, July 7

We can’t wait to show you what the rest of 2022 looks like for Workforce Cyber Intelligence and Security—Contact us today to meet with our experts and get a head start on 2023.