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CyberSecurity Breakthrough Awards Recognizes DTEX as “User Behavior Analytics Platform of the Year”

We are thrilled to announce that DTEX’s Workforce Cyber Intelligence & Security platform was named User Behavior Analytics Platform of the Year in the 2022 CyberSecurity Breakthrough Awards, an industry awards program that recognizes the world’s best information security companies, products, and people. Receiving this honor for the second consecutive year is a testament to the success of DTEX’s innovative, human-centric approach to enterprise security and our team’s continued efforts to expand beyond the capabilities of legacy cybersecurity solutions.

In this new era of Work-From-Anywhere (WFA), visibility into user behavior and actions is critical to thwarting insider threats and mitigating preventable risks, especially as organizations grapple with the great resignation, unprecedented employee burnout and a potential recession. While traditional UEBA solutions have developed useful models for analysis and alerting, there’s one problem: their implementation relies on log files, which are a flawed data source for capturing user behavior.

Unlike legacy UEBA solutions, DTEX InTERCEPT ™ doesn’t rely on any Operating System or external logs. Instead, user visibility is achieved by monitoring the actions of the user directly on the endpoint. This is accomplished by creating user-based metadata that provides real-time detection capabilities to identify actionable risks—regardless of whether the user is on a corporate network. The InTERCEPT platform brings together the capabilities of Insider Threat Management, User and Entity Behavior Analytics, Digital Forensics, and Zero Trust DLP in an all-in-one lightweight, cloud-native platform.

Over the last year, DTEX rolled out an array of enhancements to multiple modules within its InTERCEPT ™ platform to meet the growing demand for greater behavioral analytics, including an inferred sensitivity model, Zero Trust DLP Policy Enforcement capabilities and Data Lineage Mapping visualizations. This was followed by the unveiling of new capabilities within InTERCEPT that expand on the scope and protection provided by multiple Microsoft 365 E5 modules to provide holistic data loss prevention and workforce activity intelligence capabilities across the entirety of an enterprise’s application, data and operating system architecture. Another significant milestone was the launch of DTEX’s public-private partnership with MITRE to elevate insider risk awareness and human-centric security strategies through behavioral-based research and the launch of the MITRE Inside-R Protect™ program.

Workforce Cyber Intelligence & Security empowers organizations to understand the human element in cybersecurity and the sequences of human behavior that are impacting risk posture while maintaining trust and transparency. To learn more about how DTEX InTERCEPT can help enhance your organization’s security posture, please visit