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Workforce Cyber Intelligence & Security News Digest – April 2022

Globe News

Insider threats continue to be a major area of concern for cyber security professionals across the world—and for good reason! These challenges will only grow more complex in the months ahead for organizations adapting to a hybrid work environment, looking to increase their remote worker security.

Luckily, DTEX representatives have been highlighting emerging trends and strategies for mitigating insider risks in your favorite security and technology publications over the last month. In case you missed any of these resources, here’s our news digest for April:

Sharing thought leadership insights in the media is not the only thing our team has been up to over the last month. Recognizing that one of the biggest struggles we see enterprises facing today is balancing the heightened risk of insider threats with employee privacy, our team collaborated with Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) on new research. The survey, which polled hundreds of IT practitioners and executives across more than 10 vertical industries, gained insight into the new security challenges resulting from today’s work dynamic. You can explore the findings in the newly released report, “The Evolving Dynamics of Insider Risk, Privacy, and Compliance and watch the recording of our LinkedIn live webinar with EMA analyst, Christopher Steffen here.

Additionally, in April, DTEX co-founder and CTO Mohan Koo joined industry leaders from MITRE, Uber, and Verizon for a Next-Gen Cyber Talent panel, to discuss the importance of embedding behavioral science skills in the cyber security industry. If you’re interested in learning more about these cyber security leaders’ journeys and the cyber security skills that are most desired by organizations in today’s Work-From-Anywhere era, you can watch the LinkedIn Live recording here.

That’s a wrap on, April! Stay tuned for more exciting news and projects from the DTEX team next month.