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Workforce Cyber Intelligence & Security News Digest – October 2021

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Cybersecurity Awareness Month in the Rearview, but Security Always Top-of-Mind

This week marks the end of Cybersecurity Awareness Month. And while the month of recognition and awareness is over, security is always top-of-mind for business and tech leaders given today’s complicated landscape. Cybersecurity should really be a 24/7/365 area of recognition.

With the month coming to a close, we thought this was the perfect time to start a monthly wrap up on cybersecurity news to share with all of you, highlighting DTEX insights and news published recently, as well as the top cybersecurity headlines to note for the month.

Hopefully, your Cybersecurity Awareness Month wasn’t too spooky, and this can serve as a nice post-Halloween treat as we kickoff November.

DTEX in the News

The DTEX team was happy to share just recently our expanded investigations and research division—DTEX Insider Intelligence and Investigations (DTEX I3)! The team is focused on delivering insider threat behavioral studies, intelligence packages, and forensic investigations.

We reconnected with Christopher Burgess from CSO Online to discuss how disinformation creates insider threats. Our very own Armaan Mahbod was quoted in the article, offering insights surrounding how to address and combat disinformation.

In addition to highlighting the news about DTEX I3, Help Net Security also shared a bit about Splunk’s series of new product innovations designed to help organizations securely embrace digital transformation. As part of this, Splunk’s partnership with DTEX was mentioned for the work we’re doing together to combat insider threats. MarTech Series also covered this news from Splunk.

CSO’s Christopher Burgess spoke with our team to discuss why device identity is an overlooked insider threat. Our chief customer officer, Rajan Koo, emphasized the need for more applications of the insider threat framework towards devices at the same level as it’s applied to humans. This interview syndicated to ARN, Reseller News, and Channel Asia.

Additionally, Security Boulevard syndicated a number of DTEX blogs throughout the month, including:

Top Cybersecurity Headlines in October

In late-October, Microsoft published its latest research on the APT behind the SolarWinds attack, which has impacted over 140 companies. Robert McMillan and Dustin Volz report on the research in The Wall Street Journal.

Danny Palmer reported on a previously undiscovered cyber-espionage campaign using never-before-seen malware.

Dan Lohrmann compiled a list of impactful data breach statistics. For example, “breaches cost over $1 million more on average when remote work was indicated as a factor in the event, compared to those in this group without this factor ($4.96 vs. $3.89 million).

That’s a wrap on October, and a wrap-up of top DTEX and industry news for the month. See you next month!