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Fortune 500 Science & Technology Manufacturer Chooses DTEX InTERCEPT as Next-Generation Zero Trust Data Loss Prevention Platform

Increasing Threat of Corporate and Nation-State Espionage, Data Exfiltration from Departing Employees, Ransomware Targeting, and Employee Credential Compromise Drive Need for Workforce Cyber Intelligence & Security Solution

SAN JOSE, Calif. – September 20, 2022DTEX Systems, the Workforce Cyber Intelligence & Security CompanyTM, today announced it has added a global leader in professional, medical, industrial and commercial sciences and technology manufacturing to its expanding customer roster. The Fortune 500 conglomerate will utilize DTEX InTERCEPT to solve multiple human-originated cyber risk challenges including protection against corporate and nation-state espionage campaigns, negligent and malicious insider risks, external threat actor attempts to compromise trusted insiders, early detection of ransomware, and more.

“Visibility is something the cyber security industry has been struggling to deliver for nearly two decades.  We cannot defend or secure what we cannot see and measure. Yet what the industry has delivered to customers to date fails to account for the nuances of human behavior that indicate risk, malicious intent, potential employee compromise, or teachable moments,” said Bahman Mahbod, CEO at DTEX Systems. “The difference for the next generation of cyber security and data protection is human. Organizations must embrace the workforce as a source of intelligence, and not a subject of surveillance, if we are going to achieve the level of cyber resilience we expect and need.”

DTEX InTERCEPT™ is a first-of-its-kind Workforce Cyber Security solution that brings together the capabilities of Insider Threat Management, User and Entity Behavior Analytics, Digital Forensics, and Zero Trust DLP in an all-in-one lightweight, cloud-native platform. Only DTEX InTERCEPT delivers the behavioral context and activity intelligence that answers the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How related to any potential insider threat situation, compromised account event, or data loss scenario without invading personal privacy.

This leading science and technology manufacturer will leverage DTEX InTERCEPT to help fill the gaps in its cybersecurity fabric caused by the global pandemic and the permanent shift to hybrid work. Lack of awareness and visibility into hybrid workforce activity accelerated the organization’s need for a new approach to understanding the risks related to workforce behavior, data usage, and social engineering by external threat actors targeting its employees.

In addition to DTEX System’s innovative IRM, DLP, and UEBA capabilities, the manufacturer found DTEX InTERCEPT to have the most scalable, easy-to-use, intuitive, and actionable dashboarding functionality of all other security solutions evaluated.  The platform’s native integration with a leading SIEM vendor was a major factor in the global leader’s decision to adopt DTEX InTERCEPT. The SIEM utilizes DTEX InTERCEPT’s ‘Indicators of Intent’ to provide customers with a contextually rich understanding of how user activity is influencing what’s happening in their environment and if those behaviors are creating risks to data, users, and operational processes.

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DTEX Systems helps hundreds of organizations worldwide better understand their workforce, protect their data, and make human-centric operational investments. Its Workforce Cyber Intelligence & Security platform brings together next-generation Zero Trust DLP, UEBA, digital forensics, user activity monitoring and insider threat management in one scalable, cloud-native platform. Through its patented and privacy-compliant meta-data collection and analytics engine, the DTEX platform surfaces abnormal behavioral “indicators of intent” to mitigate risk of data and IP loss, enabling SOC enrichment with human sensors and empowering enterprises to make smarter business decisions quickly. To learn more about DTEX Systems, please visit

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