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An Unexpected Cost-Saving Tool for Software Contract Negotiation Management

What do Insider Threat and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions have to do with software license contract negotiations?

On the face of it, nothing.

But as we recently discovered, there is a connection – and not only that, it can result in significant cost savings.

One of the things that makes DTEX Systems solutions so effective for Insider Threat detection and DLP is that they reveal – in scrupulous detail – who in your organization is using which software products on which devices. While that information is absolutely essential for Insider Threat detection and DLP, it is equally useful when it comes time to negotiate commercial software license contracts. Instead of coming to terms based on ballpark estimates of usage, DTEX Systems can provide hard, verified data to make the case, according to DTEX Systems customer VicTrack.

VicTrack owns the majority of railway-related infrastructure in the state of Victoria, Australia. Keeping a tight rein on IT costs is a top priority for Bruce Moore, VicTrack’s Chief Information Officer, who’s in charge of supporting the IT needs of VicTrack’s nearly 400 employees.

“We are able to analyze and compare our commercial contracts, licensing, et cetera, against the actual usage,” noted Moore. “And this way, we have the data to take into commercial negotiations to really get what we need from the organization, demonstrating the things that are actually going on. This is being used for us to help draw, again, our total IT costs and improve our productivity by using our resources where they’re really needed and not just where people think they’re needed.”

VicTrack is confident that its investment in DTEX Systems is protecting the organization against insider threats and endpoint data loss. With that confidence, the company can turn its attention to other IT-related issues that can drive up costs and impact productivity.

With DTEX Systems, both bad actors and commercial software vendors have met their match.