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Workforce Cyber Intelligence & Security News Digest – May 2022

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We are gearing up to start travel and in-person conferences again and are excited to see many of our customers and industry colleagues for the first time in two or more years. Much has changed over that time period, especially in regards to insider threat management. While our team is busy getting ready for the next few weeks of shows, I thought this was the perfect time to look back on and share the major news and announcements we’ve seen this month.

In May we announced our exclusive Insider Risk Framework Briefing & Roundtable, which will feature expert speakers in the fields of law and public policy, behavioral science, cyber security, and enterprise risk and resilience from MITRE®, Splunk, Forrester Research, Deloitte Consulting, and DTEX Systems.

There’s no denying that we are in the work-from-anywhere era, which has completely changed not only how security leaders think about protecting their organizations, but also how business leaders think about workforce productivity. The disruption is so huge that it’s given rise to publications focused on covering it.

One such outlet, Reworked, wrote a great piece looking at the rise of “Bossware” and its ethical and privacy concerns. Nicole Moore, a senior analyst on DTEX’s i3 team, weighed in on how traditional employee monitoring software and its reliance on “invasive ‘big brother’ type surveillance breaches employee privacy and erodes trust.” There is a better way, one that harmonizes privacy and awareness.

Our Insider Risk Report continues to grab attention, with CyberNews, The Cyber Post and 24H Tech Asia publishing articles about remote work and insider threats and featuring data from the report. It also continues to be cited in industry thought leadership pieces by other vendors, such as this article in Intelligent CISO on “Building trust in a Zero Trust environment” and this piece in Hi-Tech Security Solutions, “You have a ‘super malicious insider’.”

Keep your eyes open for DTEX advertisements across business and security publications as we build our company brand in the market, so we can continue to invest in our efforts to help our customers and partners develop their workforce cyber intelligence and security strategy.